6 of 7 shoot days done!

Project Schoolies is almost complete! Having shot pretty much non-stop for the last we’re finally taking a break to start cutting together all of the scenes. Exciting!

Once we started the days seemed to blend together into one massive week of production – overall going smoothly, despite the weather turning from beautiful sunshine to storms! Series Director Ric was tweaking the dialogue constantly whilst workshopping scenes with the cast. Thibaut, our cinematographer was having a ball with the RED Scarlet, as all filming was hand held, there was only a handful of shots where a tripod was used. Zoltan was organising locations, extras for our party scenes, call-sheets, cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast among many other things in order to make sure everyone was happy and production went smoothly.

Needless to say the locations on the Gold Coast were amazing. A fantastic skyline along the beachfront, the kind you don’t get anywhere else. Unfortunately neither Ric or Zoltan managed to make it to the beach for a dip even though they were literally a hundred metres from it, but that’s what happens when you are so extremely dedicated to your job…or if you don’t like getting sand in your pants.